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Blizzard Bodacious Skis 2019


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In 2009, Arne Backstrom, ski alpinist and overall skiing phenomenon, approached the Blizzard development team with an inspiration for a new way to design and build rockered skis.  A gifted athlete with an equal talent for envisioning how engineering and technology can improve product function, Arne knew that while rockered skis ripped in deep, powdery snow, they failed to perform in all other conditions. His insights led to the development of Flipcore technology, which revolutionized how rockered skis were built. Thanks to Arne’s vision, Blizzard was able to introduce what is now the most popular, best-selling family of freeride skis in the world. Tragically, Arne’s life was cut short by a skiing accident in the remote Cordillera Blanca region of Peru in 2010. For 2018/19, we are proud to offer Arne’s signature ski in its original and unaltered state.