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Volkl RTM 86 UVO Skis + Marker iPT WideRide XL 14.0 FR D Bindings 2017


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Most people think that a wider All Mountain Frontside ski like the RTM 86 only makes for more floatation in soft snow. It does, but extra width underfoot lets you lay the ski way over on edge before your boots eventually buck you out of the turn. Kit it out with wood and metal innards and then top it off with a vibration-eating UVO damper, and you get one of the most versatile packed-snow skis we’ve ever tested. The powerful build and German precision finish make it as adept as a race ski on chatter-packed white ice. But when it softens up, that extra width lets the edges bite deep to prolong the carving sensation. Back to that UVO damper: Developed for World Cup racers, it’s a weight that floats in a viscous bath, gobbling up vibration before it travels down the length of the ski—and it works. The RTMs are chatter free.

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