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Volkl Transfer 81 Skis 2018 - 168cm


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The 2018 Volkl Transfer 81 Skis are an ideal choice for aspiring park and pipe skiers who are also interested in all-mountain skiing. Due to their generous flex pattern, narrower-than-average sidecut measurements, and cap construction, the Transfer 81 offers a lightweight, snappy ski that can still hold an edge when asked. The other fairly interesting aspect of the 2018 Volkl Transfer 81 is that it is a fully cambered ski-no rocker at all. This allows the skier to have a more poppy platform to work with. Whether you're learning to carve into jumps or pop onto rails or boxes, the full camber lets the ski snap. The full wood core is soft enough to allow beginning park skiers to learn butters and rails without being abused by a stiffer ski. It does, however, combined with the camber, hold an edge and pop and snap in and out of turns. At 81mm underfoot, the Transfer is an able carver, especially thanks to its 18.9 meter turn radius. It'll carve and hold an edge on most anything, and is capable of performing in most any conditions. The twin tips are perfect for learning how to ski switch, as well as take off and land backwards. The cap construction makes the ski more durable and will hold up to more abuse. The 111-81-104 side cut measurements are narrow enough for an intermediate to advanced skier who loves the park and pipe, but wide enough for that same skier to shred the entire mountain.
    Turn Radius: 18.9 meters
    Sidecut: 111/81/104 mm
    Twin tip
    Multi-layer wood core
    Power shell cap construction
    Skill: Intermediate to Advanced Skiers

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