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BIC Universal Tendon Mast Base


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Made to fit any standard windsurfing board mast track, this mast base from Bic has a tendon joint with a euro-pin upper. The tendon is made to be easily replaceable when it wears out, and the mast base comes with a stainless nut to attach it to your board. Works with any euro-pin extension.

BIC Windsurf Tendon-joint mast base is the benchmark in terms of reliability in the windsurfing market.
- Recommended for regular users practicing windsurfing in freeride or competition (both stiff and solid).
- Urethane tendon issued from the latest BIC R&D, and manufactured with very high-quality resin ensuring outstanding reliability.
- Suitable for mast extensions with Push Pin system.

Push Pin system:
The Push Pin system (also called Pin US or cup) is widely used in North America. This highly reliable system provides better distribution of strength between cup and joint.

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