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Ski Boot Sport Grip - Ski Boot Remover


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The Ski Boot Remover -

The Ski Boot Sport Grip takes away the pain when removing your Ski Boots. No more need to strain , bend or pull. Just simply use the Ski Boot Sport Grip and your boots come right off your feet.
The Ski Boot Remover makes it easy for you to remove your ski boots. It is great for all levels of skiers. It measures 15 inches long and fits in a regular locker, standard backpack or can be clipped to your bag.
The Ski Boot Remover is made here in Colorado and is made from a strong Poly blend resin that can withstand the elements of the cold, the stress of over 100 pounds of pressure and the trunk of a car! Ski boots are now easy to remove.


Can I use this on all Ski Boots?
Yes, it will fit on all ski boots so no matter how small or how large you can now get your boots off easily.

How strong is it?
We did some pretty tuff testing and it took over 100 pounds of pressure just to get it to bend.

Does it come in different colors?
Not yet but keep a look out.

Can I use this for other boots?
You bet! It works on all sorts of boots such as ATV, Inline skates and others!

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