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Gear can be picked up after 2pm the day before your rental (unless you're renting on a Monday; since we're closed on Sundays, Monday rentals can be picked up first thing Monday morning). You have until noon the day after the rental to return the gear (unless you’re renting for a Saturday; since we’re not here to take the return on Sundays you must return before we close on Saturday).

We will occasionally run out of summer rental gear, so we’re happy to take reservations – just give us a call.

Stand Up Paddleboard     $50

    each additional day     $35
Windsurf Board & Rig     $65
    each additional day     $40
Windsurf Board     $40
    each additional day     $25
Windsurf Rig     $40
    each additional day     $25

Are you crazy about paddleboarding and/or windsurfing, but not quite ready to pull the trigger on your own gear? We’ve got you covered! You can now rent a setup for the season! The paddleboards will be rigid, not inflatable, and include the board, a paddle and a life jacket. Windsurf rentals will come with a board, a complete rig pack (sail, mast, boom, base and extension) and a life jacket. You can also add a paddle so you’re good to go no matter what the wind does! Summer season rentals will be due back by November 1st.

Paddleboard Package     $250
Windsurf Package     $350
    add a children's rig     $100
add a paddle     $25


You can pick the gear up any time after 2pm the day before you plan to use it at no extra charge, and as long as you get it back to us before noon the day after you use it we won't charge you for that morning either!
We generally don't run out of daily rental gear, nor do we take reservations; just come on in and we'll get you taken care of.

Performance Adult Ski Package     $24

Demo Adult Ski Package     $50

Performance Adult Snowboard Package     $24
Demo Adult Snowboard Package     $50

Children's Ski Package     $12

Children's Snowboard Package     $12

Snowshoes     $15

Helmet     $7

If you really want a great deal then season rentals are for you; combine the convenience of owning your gear with the affordability of renting! You pick the gear up now, use it all season and either return or renew it in the spring. It's great for growing kids or those whose skills are advancing, since you can exchange for different sizes of skis or boots anytime during the season.

Children's 5 and Under Ski Package     $86
Standard Children's Ski Package     $120
New Children's Ski Package     $190

Children's Snowboard Package     $120

New Children's Snowboard Package     $190

Basic Adult Ski Package     $120

Performance Adult Ski Package     $190
New Adult Ski Package     $280

Basic Adult Snowboard Package     $120
Performance Adult Snowboard Package     $190
New Adult Snowboard Package     $280