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Bolle Eco Ryft Pure Mips Helmet 2024

Introducing the ECO RYFT PURE MIPS, a stellar alternative to its renowned predecessor. As part of our React for Good initiative, it stands as Bollé’s pioneering eco-designed hybrid helmet, seamlessly marrying lightweight construction with durability. Crafted to surpass the expectations of discerning skiers committed to environmental responsibility, this helmet boasts components like the inner and outer shell, straps, dividers, fit system, goggles' retainer, padding, and earpads, all partially crafted from recycled or bio-based materials.

Engineered with MIPS technology for enhanced brain safety and AViD Progressive EPS for superior protection, it offers active ventilation with 6 vents, a Click-to-Fit™ system, and 3D earpads, ensuring optimal comfort and auditory clarity on the slopes. Join the movement toward sustainable skiing without compromising on performance with the ECO RYFT PURE MIPS.