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Flux CO Snowboard Bindings 2021

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C.O.R.E stands for the initiative of COMMUNITY. OUTREACH. RIDING. EQUIPMENT. and was established by Erik Leon. The CO is his signature binding.


Flex Meter: 4/5

Lightness: 3/5





Basic – a standard design, incorporating all the functions necessary to improve your skills as a snowboarder.



Solid – narrow in the middle for more flex at the top, eliminating stress on the boots and the rider’s ankles.

Micro Adjuster – adjust forward lean in 2.5-degree increments with each click for even finer high back settings.

Super Tough Nylon X



Genetic – symmetrical design with thick outer side walls for effortless power transfer and thin inner sides for flexibility.

Toolless Levers – find your optimum settings without any tools. The stopper prevents any screws from coming loose.

Performance Blend



Comfort – a comfortable footbed resistant to snow build-up, offering a level of board feel and superior shock absorption.

Adjustable Toe and Heel Cushion – a movable cushion that can be adjusted to suit the boot size and board width.



Honeycomb Version 2.0 – the lightweight honeycomb structure provides excellent show mitigation, grabbing the ankle for the ultimate hold.

F.T.M. Versa – versatile use as a toe strap or foot wrap for any style of riding. Uses a flexible material designed to fit any boot on the market.

L-Guide – easily slows ratchet straps.

UU Fit – the strap system that provides a 360-degree hold, providing a natural hugging feeling and uniform pressure.

Micro Buckle – now smaller while still performing better than the rest. The new design makes for effortless ratcheting and hold release.