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SIC Talon Travel FP ADJ LL 170-210 Paddle

Talon paddles are durable, making them perfect for entry-level paddlers, Lakes and Waves. They’re constructed with reinforced marine-grade shafts and a durable Fibrylon blade. These adjustable paddles are equipped with a Lever Lock grip and have 16" of adjustability.



   Shaft Material: 30% Carbon - Fiberglass

   Paddle Grip: Leverlock ABS T-Grip

   Adjusting System: Leverlock

   Paddle Weight: 2 lbs

   Blade Width: 7"

   Paddle Material: 30% Carbon-Fiberglass / Polycarbonate

   Shaft Length: 67"-83"

   Blade Material: Fibrylon

   Blade Angle: 2.7°

   Blade Area: 80 in²

   Blade Length: 18.25"

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