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The UNspilt Beverage Retention Device

COLOR: Copper Frost (Copper/White)

Price:  $ 49.95 
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COLOR: Copper Quench (Copper/Black)

Price:  $ 49.95 
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Finally...  An insulated drink holder that actually works - EVEN ON TEXTURED SURFACES like inflatable paddleboards, windsurf boards, cooler lids... even diamond plate!
Never worry about spilling or losing your drink again.
Unique two-part system is easy to attach, removable/reusable and unbelievably secure.  No hardware or glue required.
Powerful anti-tip magnetic technology keeps your drink easily accessible and UNspilled...  Where you want it, when you want it!
• Super tough, stick-it-anywhere
• Insanely insulated
• Removable, reusable
• Interchangeable lids - works with free-pouring liquids (think: adult sippy cup) AND cans/bottles
• Amazing anti-tip magnetic technology
• Also includes handy mesh bag, lid protector, safety leash, and Landing Pad™
Perfect for paddlesports, and also fantastic for golf carts, riding lawn mowers, coffee tables, workstations, ATV’s, snowmobiles, you name it!  
All Thrills...No Spills!

All you need to keep you drink secure, insulated, and easy to access. Includes insulator, dock, and all the accessories!
The full monty! This set includes a double-walled, vacuum sealed, copper lined Drink Insulator, two interchangeable easy-sipping lids (one for 12oz cans/bottles, the other for all other liquids), one Drink Dock™ with powerful, magnetic neodymium core, a set of three FrogsFeet™ suction cups, and retention leash. Also comes with a handy mesh bag and Landing Pad™ to store and protect your The UNspilt.
Weight    1.1875 lbs
Dimensions    4 × 4 × 6 in

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