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Rossignol P150 CARBON VAS GRIP Ski Poles

Lightweight versatile ski pole
Black - Yellow Poles Unisex
The new P150 Carbon Vas Grip by ROSSIGNOL has an extremely light 40% carbon.
Equipped with completely new VAS handles and unique Hollow plates, which swing the stick with less resistance, the P150 Carbon Vas Grip is the best companion for slopes.
The new VAS handle also has shutters above and below the handle, which damp the vibrations. The ROSSIGNOL stick is sold as a pair.
    VAS Grip: The new VAS Grip line opens up a unique dimension of comfort and performance on the slopes. The new, innovative VAS handles, which leave no one cold, have two elastomeric caps at the top and bottom of the handle to dampen the shocks and vibrations that are otherwise transmitted to the skier. With the high-quality Zicral aluminum shaft and, above all, the high-performance carbon fibers, these poles meet all expectations in terms of performance, comfort and aesthetics.
    Carbon 40%: Conical shaft with 40% carbon as a perfect compromise between resistance and lightness.
    Shaft - diameter: 14 mm
    Grip: Hollow Grip
    Strap: Hollow Strap
    Basket: Hollow Basket
    Weight: 480 g
Material specifications for Rossignol P150 CARBON VAS GRIP, Black - Yellow
    Tip: Carbide
    Shaft: Carbon
    Shaft: Triax 40% Carbon
    Material: Carbon

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